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Blue Fish is the result of grit, unbelievable talent and persevering hard work of one girl who dared to dream it big and give a concrete image to her vision that got the world charmed. Started initially by Nidhi Wadhwa, as a studio for illustrations needed in children's books and the likes, Blue Fish has now diversified into a diaspora of every possible related spectrum needing aesthetic distinction.

We've been in business since over fifteen years now, having ties with many top publishing houses and satisfied clients in a vast foray of fields like textile, home decor and furnishing, animation, clothing lines, stationery, etc.



Blue Fish specializes in making characters that have the ability to appeal, invite and maybe even talk to those who behold. These innovative characters can be used on various children products as these are created keeping in mind a child's perspective so that the characters come alive and are adored by the users as something unique and precious. We create artwork and designs for: 

  • All Kids Products
  • Puzzles, Toys & Games
  • Fabric
  • Party Goods
  • Books and Educational Material
  • Home Décor
  • Stationery
  • Emoticons & Stickers for Mobile Apps
  • Corporate Identity

Blue Fish has a growing collection of designs and characters available for license and direct selling. We also accept work-for-hire assignments.

Managing and Creative Director

Nidhi Wadhwa

When you meet Nidhi, she appears to be a soft spoken, petite package. But you’d soon realise that there’s a storm

of talent brewing in her, aptly supported by the inherent goodness and strength of character. From the girl who successfully sold handmade cards in her school years when branded cards ruled the market, from instructing on national television, to designing paraphernalia for a concert, to highlighting the brand visibility at a car launch-

she seems to always find some way to give illustrative and designer interpretation to any venture.

Blue Fish Pvt. Ltd. is the result of her grit, unbelievable talent and diligent hard work. She dared to dream big
and give a concrete image to her vision. Nidhi likes to read and travel, especially going for trekking. A workaholic
at heart, she eats, sleeps and dreams of her characters and derives maximum pleasure when laden with work.

Chief of Operations

Deeksha Karwal

A childhood friend of Nidhi’s, Deeksha’s role at Blue Fish is multifaceted and one with a lot of responsibilities. Heading operations and smooth running of the office, Deeksha whizzes past you as if on skates, ensuring quality and timely delivery of projects. With a background in arts and crafts (namely home décor & interiors specializing in glass work) as well as working for preschools (born out of a common interest of ‘love for kids’) she is a supermom on duty, working diligently, managing a team effectively, whether to work or to play. Deeksha has been playing fulcrum in the company for over 3 years now!
Art Production Head

Vinod Shrestha

Vinod is with Blue Fish since more than 12 years. He is the epitome of hard work and is
a cheerful and helpful team asset. He handles project deadlines very well and is always
available to help team members. His special abilities include proficiency in designing
surface patterns, page layouts and covers for books.
He is irreplaceable in handling team and projects to the finish. He not only does his
own work but gives valuable ideas and suggestions to all the team members,
inevitably leading to a new look and perfect finishing of any kind of art or design.
His interests lay in photography and music.
Senior Colouring Artist


Luvkush handles the team of colouring artists and illustrators with meticulous
care for details.He’s been with Blue Fish for nearly 8 years now. He brings to
table a new dimension or look to any art form created by an illustrator.
He is very young, active, polite and responsible. You would find him always
ready to help and guide his team with his imaginative inspirations and ideas.
He’s always anxious to learn and very quick to understand. His USP is his
hunger to be the best that inevitably helps the product at hand succeed, with
unprecedented finish. On a personal front, he is fond of music and dancing
that very much go in tangent with his aesthetic sensibilities.


Blue Fish is an equal opportunity employer, investing heavily into employee training and growth.
If you are enthusiastic about children's education, can create concepts and characters, enjoy playing
with designs and colors, or are simply a wizard of design, we'd like to hear from you!

Freelancers are always welcome!

To apply, please check our Current Openings section. All positions are based in New Delhi.
For other opportunities, please email your resume with a covering letter clearly specifying
your interest area to careers@bluefishlimited.com

Shortlisted candidates will hear from us within three weeks of submission of their application.
No internship requests please.

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